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Administration Support

Dynamic performs a variety of administrative and clerical duties.

Receive support for your customers, organize  your online files. Customize or updating of e-books, templates or company documents.  

Searching databases, retrieving files, or maintaining records. 

Practice Management

Healthcare Practitioners enjoy being able to fully focus on their patients while Dynamic ensure the practice operates at it’s peak

Scheduling appointments, sending appointment reminders, keeping records, correspond with patients on behalf of Health Practitioner.

Finance Support

Dynamic has the dedication and a good eye for detail, that is why we are the best support you can find.
Creating & sending of invoices, track income and expenses, record financial information and arrange for payment of overdue bills.
Help managing your inventory.

Marketing & Sales Support

We can add to your capacity in just about anything that has to do with marketing and sales.

Updating data in your CRM software, offer your customers support, design & create branded templates and scheduling of your newsletters.

Blog & Website Management

Your website is like a car, site management is like car maintenance. Just like your car, your website will break down or crash if you don’t perform regular management procedures.

Content Management – Posting blog posts, updating photographs, fixing website pages and changing layout of pages.
Health & Safety – Ensuring your site is secure & that the platform on which it is built is up-to-date.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: We will treat your business as our very own

When your admin gets taken care off, you feel confident and your business will operate more efficiently.