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Stop spending countless hours everyday on admin that someone else can do for you. Get in touch today and start focusing on what matters, and achieve the growth you deserve.


Free up your time and start focusing on what matters


No permanent employees mean no taxes, paid sick leave or overheads. We use our own internet and office supplies


We keep you organised, simplify your life and relieve your stress

how does it work in 4 easy steps

Admin/ Task list:

First start compiling your admin / task list that you need help with. Next decide how much support you require for these tasks.

Not sure what we offer head over to Virtual Admin for some guidance.

Picking a plan:

Head over to our unique plans and choose the plan that is perfect for the support and help you need.

Let’s discuss your needs:

Provide us with some detail using our online form. We will contact you at a convenient time to discuss how to help you maximise your time.

Confirm your booking and decide when we start:

Once you are happy and ready to sign your booking agreement together with your POP, embark on the Dynamic Virtual Admin Solutions experience by getting more done in less time.

Client love:

"I have not looked back. Finally I feel that I have my brain back! I am so excited for the future. Without having to spend hours and hours on the admin tasks, I now have time to pursue my purpose: equipping, empowering and encouraging parents and their kids."
Lizanne du Plessis
Owner of Intentional Parenting / Doelgerigte Ouerskap
"Thank you so much for preparing and hosting our recent live Facebook event. You supported not only the technical aspects, but you also provided excellent support during the live broadcast. You kept an eye on the incoming questions, prompted us with additional and relevant questions, creating a safe and relaxed environment for the two presenters. We managed to provide valuable content to listeners, which is difficulty when one is distracted by minor or major technical issues. You helped us to be successful, thank you! "
Marga Grey
CEO of CoordiKids