Covid19 has changed the world. The way we do business has changed in the past weeks and will certainly change forever. As we navigate through this period of social distancing and lock-down, we are forced to think outside of the box. The time has come to explore new ways in which to serve our clients.

I am Rini. I am the co-owner of Executives Virtual Assistance and I am here to help you. As co-owner of The Executives, I have empowered numerous companies, entrepreneur and practices to set up and manage a digital online platform. Join me as I take your hand and help you move your service provision from face to face intervention to serving your clients online.

Video calling is an easy-to-use digital platform used for meetings, consultations, therapy session, coaching and training. Once you discover what virtual video calling can do for you, you’ll be able to create a wonderful and positive experience for your patients.

7 top tips from The Executives:

  1. Make sure the digital platform you are using is secure by setting up new meeting ID’s and Passwords for each of your sessions. Enable waiting rooms to give you full control of who enters when.
  2. Send a step-by-step instruction document on how to set-up your chosen digital platform for each new client.
  3. Do a test run to check that your background and lightening is professional. Limit background noise and/or distractions.
  4. Create a checklist that you can run through prior to each session.
  5. Take some time to greet your clients and make sure he/she feels safe and comfortable. Remember for most of them, this will also be a first and somewhat uncomfortable at first.
  6. Follow general video calling etiquette just as you would when seeing clients face-to face. For example, you won’t be eating your lunch while consulting, therefore don’t do it while consulting online.
  7. Look directly into the camera and not at yourself on the screen.
If doing business via a virtual digital platform seems daunting and overwhelming, why not join me for an one on one coaching session with step-by-step training.

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